• I have been with Coats Vet for about 6 years now. All I can say is how much I love the Vets, Assistants and office personnel. I have a Cocker Spaniel that has a couple of health issues and have had the most personal and professional services than anywhere else I’ve been. The care they give to Coby is like he is their own pet and treat him with love. Would not change for anything.

    Thanks so much for your personal attention always!!!!

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    “Several months ago our family experienced the loss of our much loved family dog, Snoopy; however, through that experience we discovered what a wonderful group of people make up the staff at Coats Veterinary Hospital. We have found all of the staff to be kind and helpful, but two of the staff, in particular, worked closely with our family during Snoopy’s illness, and their care during that difficult time touched our hearts. Dr.Walker provided excellent medical care for Snoopy and she did so with such kindness, compassion, and concern over the course of his physical decline. Throughout Snoopy’s medical treatment, Dr. Walker also demonstrated great kindness and support for our family as we struggled with the realities of Snoopy’s diagnosis. In addition to Dr. Walker’s excellent care, our family worked closely with Christie, a veterinary technician, who also demonstrated such warmth, caring and kindness in her work with Snoopy and our family; she recognized that he was much more than a pet to us. Although the best efforts could not save Snoopy, we are thankful for the care that he received and know that our other pets are receiving care from the same wonderful, compassionate people.”

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    My experience with Coats Veterinary Hospital began 14 years ago and I have been more than pleased with their care, treatment and compassion for my dogs. I chose Coats initially because of its accreditation with the American Animal Hospital Association. Through the years, my dogs, differing in breeds and sizes, have been treated by the doctors at Coats. Each pet has led a long and healthy life. I believe this is due in large part to the expertise, care and interest on the part of this Hospital and its employees. Each vet and technician spends the necessary amount of time with the animals and gives the client her/his full attention. Even though I have moved to Raleigh, I continue to return to Rocky Mount for my dogs to be treated and boarded at Coats Hospital. I will always be grateful for their kindness and support.

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    For approximately 25 years, we have appreciated the expert and compassionate care given our 2 purebread Scottish Terriers by the veterinarians & staff at Coats Vet. Our Schnoodle rescue receives the same high quality of care today. We highly recommend Coats Vet for all of your pet needs.

  • We got Gabby when she was 12 weeks old. She is a little over 2 years old now. We wanted a Vet that knew small breeds like our Bichon. We found this and more at Coats. The Vets and staff at Coats Veterinary Hospital have taken care of all our needs, including boarding and grooming that keeps our Gabby beautiful. Vicky and I would like to thank the entire staff for the good service we receive.

    Thank you