“Several months ago our family experienced the loss of our much loved family dog, Snoopy; however, through that experience we discovered what a wonderful group of people make up the staff at Coats Veterinary Hospital. We have found all of the staff to be kind and helpful, but two of the staff, in particular, worked closely with our family during Snoopy’s illness, and their care during that difficult time touched our hearts. Dr.Walker provided excellent medical care for Snoopy and she did so with such kindness, compassion, and concern over the course of his physical decline. Throughout Snoopy’s medical treatment, Dr. Walker also demonstrated great kindness and support for our family as we struggled with the realities of Snoopy’s diagnosis. In addition to Dr. Walker’s excellent care, our family worked closely with Christie, a veterinary technician, who also demonstrated such warmth, caring and kindness in her work with Snoopy and our family; she recognized that he was much more than a pet to us. Although the best efforts could not save Snoopy, we are thankful for the care that he received and know that our other pets are receiving care from the same wonderful, compassionate people.”

The Eggers Family


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